It’s time to say good bye):

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I wrote at least 20,counting blog #10. Most of them were challenged based but other ones was just for a flex class that we had to do. I got 7 comments on some different blogs, it wasn’t for each one of them that would be amazing, I mean I wish, they were from other classrooms not from teachers or anything like that. I got 2 comments on ” I wonder why” I think that happened because it was really inspirational. It was a blog that I really like and actually tried my best, it’s not like I didn’t try on my other ones, I mean not as hard as I did on this one. The post that I enjoyed typing the most was ” uh yeah , Let’s go traveling” I loved typing it because, It was really fun to write about something I would enjoy to do in the future. Yes I changed themes once in a while, I changed them because the theme, because after a period of time it would get boring, and I would like something more bright and happy. I have 9 widgets, I think that’s enough for my blog cause I don’t want it so fancy, ya know. I have 8 overseas on my blogroll on my blog, I think that is enough but they said that we had to get 10 blogroll students.I didn’t know who we had to get or basically meeting new people. I’m not that kind of person.The tools I used were from other blogs I got the site, and had some animals in my blog, I also was getting them from the student blogging challenge. Well that is the goodbye that I’ve dreading for a long time, see ya guys):


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Dogs are very good companions thy are there for you when you are sad, happy, nervous,etc. I used to have a dog but it died, this not a story about my puppy it is for other puppies around the world or dogs around the world. The scientific word for dogs are canines, people call them like that but the most common is their own name like: Tinkerbell, Nacho, Lili and many more. My favorite pet is a dog, I don’t really like cats because they’re a pain and really hard to tame. Here are some facts about puppies/Dogs. They are very funny and cute I love female dogs more than male because, I like to see them in little cute clothes, I didn’t think that dogs can be models, I mean that is pretty amazing.

 As I was saying dogs are really talented, They can do things that even humans cannot do, some examples are doing a backflip in midair I mean if I could do that I would do it 24/7 . I would be very proud of  myself, but unfortunately I cannot do that, it would be fun to try out….. Anyways, they’re many species throughout the world, I would try to get every single type of dog except the ugly ones(No offence ugly dogs). My favorite is Huskies, Chihuahua, Yorkie Terriers they are so beautiful and cute. I would never abuse dogs or any live things, that would be so rude. I didnt know that ẃas legall in this country, they just look upon themselves and not for others. Dogs are our companions not our toys to keep like punching bags, I swear.

Well I thought that dogs wear friends but some people like cats better than dogs, I mean cats can be friends too but I  prefer dogs more than cats, Tell me in the comments below what is your favorite animal? What do you think about all the good things about animals they are one of the most largest population in the world. Dogs can do many things, more better than any other animal or human being. You are people that can question my blog. Thank You so much see ya.


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Crinkle, Crackle, Crack

Hearing the crackling of fire soothes my impatience

Drip, Drop, Sploosh

The rain banging on the window makes me jump

Click, Clack, click

My sisters typing get me out of thought

Uggg, ahh, mhmm


“Uh Ya! Let’s Go Traveling”

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I would like to go to… Hawaii I always,always wanted to go to Hawaii, I studied about it and I seen videos of people on dolphins having FUN! Well I only have a few months until I get stuck in College and I want to have fun these fews weeks and go have fun like the people in the videos, I want to ride dolphins too just thinking about it would be so much fun I swear I can’t wait. Here is a website to learn more of Hawaii, It seems that everything there is  a lot of fun and I want to have fun for once without so much, like seriously I just need some PEACE around here and a relaxing bath, like come on you guys have to agree with me: no kids crying, no more moms yelling to go clean up your room, cousins trying to get your attention and lastly not doing CHORES.

This was very unexpected vacation I didn’t know what to ask for so I just picked Hawaii, I thought it would be fun and nice to go around traveling and having the best time of my life I was like uh ya why would I reject this opportunity. I wanted to invite some people like my family, I invited Joseph my brother, Lili my cousin, Dayanara Ponce my bestie and my little cousin Jimena with her parents but they stayed in another hotel except my bestie she stayed and hanged out with me for a while. we didn’t do much that day so we just went out for a little while.

This is our last day I can’t believe it! Its been long time since I been writing I’m going to miss this place it was really inspiring, I liked how everybody had a fun time and didn’t whine on ANYTHING. I just don’t want to go I want to stay here forever and never go back but I have to, I HAVE to go to school and study a lot so I can be a veterinarian, but in the other hand I can actually go visit my family and tell them about my trip(that was really fun). Oops I’ve got to go my plane is here see ya later(:

I Wonder Why?

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Dear Friend,

I knew that you would hurt me

But I made that risk

I knew you were going to ditch me and go on with life

I thought you were worthy of my heart

Hoping that you would’ve been there for me when I was there for you

I just wanted to be happy and have the time of our lives

When the day came all of this was shattered

Why would you do this?

Go along like nothing ever happened between us

I just don’t know what to say anymore about you

Dear friend,

Just remember

Sincerely, Johanna


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Lies spit out of its cages

It’s poison that can never come out of a person’s heart

It’s stuck there like a piece of gum in a girls hair

The words of hate that can never be trapped






“One, Two,Three! You got me!”


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I really liked playing this game, it was really fun I can’t wait until another game of these appear in the blogging challenge it seems so fun and easy. I think this was really cool in doing all of this, I also liked how they named it(When I was doing this challenge I kinda got confused for a second but Rosa helped me and I got the hang of it. I went to 3 blogs in total  I left a comment on the third one I really liked her blog it was really inspiring it was cute also, her blogs name was Ashley’s blog. I just wanted to day that I kinda figured out that everything has a point in life and that you should cherish what they’ve or have done for you when I was in this beautiful journey through all these blogs. I didn’t realize what I’ve been doing in this challenge over these days, In didn’t actually think on what I was doing and I should really do that sometime, but anyways  I really liked this challenge it was really inspiring.

I thought the challenge would be very hard but it wasn’t I was really easy I can’t believe I thought that it was going to be so hard. I really don’t know what to do now that I’m finished with this journey I was really fun to do something new around these times, you see. I know I’ve been talking a lot but I almost finished just a few sentences, so anyways her blog was kind of confusing and a little disorganized and she liked horses a lot (; Finished with my masterpiece, see ya guys(:

“What! LOST” Ugggg!


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Oh No! My mom just told me that we are lost I can’t believe it, I ‘m stuck with my annoying cousin saying that no one is going to help us, My boring brother, getting yelled at by my aunt cause he won’t listen, My complaining sister, keeps on saying ” WE ARE GOING TO DIE” then there is my other cousin who really isn’t paying much attention about the situation we are in. Well there isn’t much to do,were just sitting around trying to figure out how to have fun in a DESERTED island.
I don’t know what to do I keep on coming up with weird ideas like, How can catch a snail Oh ya we don’t have a watch, Wow I can’t believe it we don’t have anything to DO! Uggggg! Hey I think I know what to do, let’s spell out SOS so someone can actually find US!, and I won’t have to be with you guys(:. Wait who is that, oh it’s my cousin is she playing a game OMG! Wait…. what game is she playing, Who ever climbs a coconut tree first wins or get a coconut and play bowling yep both of those games we are going to play finally we can actually entertain each other and not COMPLAIN! like my sister Sammy. YES!
Oh, my uncle is back he brought back some foods we can eat and water, hmm where did he get the water I don’t even know. Well…at least we have food to eat. We just have to wait un- wai what is that noise is that ,is that a airplane,OMG Finally I can go home but I wonder who told them.Hey you got any Ideas? Tell me in the comments(:


“Favorites! Let’s Get Talking”


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Well let’s see, I have many favorite things I guess I have to pick one and it is pancakes! I absolutely love pancakes they make feel cozy inside and happy. I wish that every single morning when I wake up I have pancakes for breakfast. Even though I don’t know how to make pancakes I still love to gobble them up with glass of milk, Now that is proper nice yummy breakfast. Okay mow I want to eat some pancakes again(; Oh I also think that people should admire and eat breakfast because not eating a proper breakfast can get you into trouble. Do you eat breakfast every single morning?(Tell me in the comments below).

I can’t eat pancakes every morning because sometimes we have to hurry and I can’t savor the moment and think about all the good things about pancakes.It seems that I’m obsessed with pancakes(I’m not by the way)but hey they’re good and tasty. I sometimes think about the people that don’t have an opportunity to eat these savoring pancakes because they either don’t have a home to eat them in or they don’t have enough money to buy just one single pancake,it’s so sad. One day I’m going to fundraise and give homeless children and adults a chance to eat a beautiful,savoring and delicious pancake, that is one of my dreams.

Anyways… Pancakes! How do you guys make pancakes is it easy, hard and/or confusing? Well in my opinion I think pancakes are easy to make as long as you get the hang of it then you can keep and keep on making pancakes. I put butter,syrup and fruit I really like it that way it seems easy to do it that way and it doesn’t cost that much money, you just get fruit,a bottle of syrup(maple or regular) and some fruit. Well that is all you get to put on pancake, See ya.



My International Event(;


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If I could make a international event it would contribute elephants because there are being hunted down for their Ivory tusks. The celebration would have pictures that have elephants suffering from being hunted down for their tusks.The celebration would be called The Horrid Thing About Tusks.It would be celebrating what happens to elephants and hoe their’re being tortured, to help the elephants and be nice and cherish what elephants do to help us. The main thing about The Horrid Thing About Tusks is how all the elephants are being tortured JUST for their tusks. I, personally think that when people say Tusks, I think about Elephants being tortured.

I think that this new International Event would be quite fun. There would be games, face paintings, donations for the elephants and many more things. One of the games would be when you get water and splash it on each other like elephants, and when you finish the water in the pool it would have a beautiful pictures of an elephant.